A Coastal Family Wonderland at Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort

Holiday card with trees and snow. Christmas background with winter trees.
Why not unwrap the gift of sun, sand, and festive fun this holiday season at Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort in Myrtle Beach? Nestled along the shores of the Grand Strand, this resort becomes a haven for families seeking a unique blend of holiday cheer and coastal tranquility. Let’s explore the enchanting experiences that make celebrating the holidays at Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort an unforgettable vacation. Sandy Shores & Coastal Delights At Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort, the holidays come alive against… Read More

Festive Things You Can Do While in Myrtle Beach During the Holidays

Are you and your family coming to Myrtle Beach for the holidays? There are plenty of holiday things that you and your family can take advantage of this year to help celebrate the holiday season. And if you happen to be staying in one of our 2-Bedroom Oceanfront Condos you will be close to many of the festive things to do. With all the fun festive things that are happening around Myrtle Beach this year, you and your family will… Read More