Happy Holidays from All of Us at Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort!

With Christmas fast approaching we hope you’re taking the time to enjoy the many festivities the area has to offer. Excitement fills the air this time of year and not just for the kids! There are sales galore and many people are rushing around trying to find that perfect last minute gifts so they can scratch names off their list of presents still to buy. They all have the same goal – get it all done before Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays from Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort!
This time of year goes by so incredibly fast and yet it’s such a special time to treasure. Have you slowed down enough to really notice the beautifully decorated residences in the area or the storefronts with their colorful decorations and lighting? Have you seen a child’s eyes sparkle as they look at a Christmas tree? Did you steal a special moment alone with your own children to discuss the reason for the season?

This year, don’t let the Christmas season come and go in a flash. Why not take the time to slow down and enjoy each moment of the season. Treasure what the holiday is all about. It’s the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Happy Holidays from Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort!

If you have family coming to town for the holiday and your home reaches beyond overflow capacity, consider staying at Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort where you’ll have plenty of room. No matter what size holiday rental you choose, our Myrtle Beach condos are beautifully furnished and provide you with a well-equipped kitchen where you can make that holiday meal.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay where you can safely bring in the New Year, where you can celebrate to your heart’s content and then retire without any travel involved, consider our oceanfront accommodations at Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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