Kickstart Good Health on Your Next Myrtle Beach Vacation

Vacationers tend to be divided between two camps – those who want to spend their vacation lounging around and doing nothing more than relaxing and those who want to spend their vacation keeping busy. We have some great suggestions for how you can kickstart good health on your next Myrtle Beach vacation when you stay at our Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort. These suggestions won’t involve a gym membership or cost a lot of money either!

Try these simple suggestions on how to kickstart your good health while you’re away on vacation and see what a difference it makes. Then, when vacation is over, adjust them to fit into your regular life at home. You’ll be glad you did!
beach walk every day

1. Take a Walk Every Day

Since you’re on a beach vacation it only makes sense that you’d take a walk along the beach but to supercharge your health, do it every day. Walking is good for any ability level, can be done anywhere, and is one of the most accessible forms of exercise. Try an early morning walk to see the sunrise or at the end of the evening to catch a sunset. Or maybe just a midday break from sunning is just what you need.

If you’ve been on the beach all day and are looking for a change of scenery, explore the Myrtle Beach area by foot and see the sights. Check out our local amusement parks or state parks and enjoy the views.


better food choices

2. Make Good Food Choices

When you stay in one of our vacation rentals you don’t have to dine out every single meal. In fact, why not make the most of your rental kitchen by whipping up some quick, healthy meals instead of purchasing them somewhere else. You can better control what you’re eating while spending less. Take advantage of the local farmer’s markets and seafood markets offering the freshest seafood in the area.


3. Get Plenty of Sleep

You’re on vacation so forget that alarm clock for awhile, and wake up when your body tells you it’s time. There may be a lot you want to see and do on your vacation, but don’t overschedule your time. Go to bed when you’re feeling tired, get up when you feel rested, and take a nap if you so desire.


try something new

4. Try Something New

Vacations are very much about getting out of your daily rut, whatever it may be. It’s a great time to expand your horizons and try new and different things. Always wanted to try paragliding or standup paddle boarding? Itching to go out on a chartered fishing boat? This is your golden opportunity to do whatever it is and make great memories!


unplug your computers

5. Unplug Yourself

Leave the phone, ipad, itouch and everything else electronic back in the rental and unplug when you go out. You don’t realize how on edge these devices keep you until you don’t have it with you. Find yourself missing it? Take in a deep breath and then exhale. Do that a few times and you’ll forget what it was you were missing.

There’s no time like the present to truly kickstart good health. Being able to do it while enjoying the comfort of your Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort vacation rental is just a matter of perfect timing!


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