Our Top 5 Tips for Planning a Kid-Friendly Vacation

Family having fun on beach

You’ve recently decided to take your family vacation to Myrtle Beach, but you’re looking for easier ways to plan with kids. We understand that when you plan a vacation with kids, it may be complicated and overwhelming to plan a kid-friendly one. Staying in one of our three-bedroom vacation rentals will allow you and your family to enjoy the extra space. Look below at our top 5 tips for planning a kid-friendly vacation today.

Choose Your Travel Dates

One of the worst things about planning a vacation besides deciding where to go is when you should go. This, for many families, can be overwhelming as everyone in the family may have a different time they want to go. Sit down together and try to choose when you’d like to travel. Would you like to visit Myrtle Beach during the summer, or would you like to come when it’s not too busy? The possibilities are endless when you spend your family vacation in Myrtle Beach.  

Let the Kids Help Plan

father, daughter and son helping plan vacation on a laptop

The second tip is to allow the kids to help plan the vacation. Remember that this is their vacation, too, and allowing them to help plan can be good. Get their opinions and input on where they want to eat or what to do. Once they are involved in the planning process, you may find that your vacation will run a lot smoother for you and your family in the long run.

Find the Best Activities for All Ages

The third tip is to find some of the best activities that will be perfect for anyone of any age in the area. One activity perfect for everyone in the family must be spending a day or two on the beach or at one of our pools. Another fun activity that everyone in the family can agree on is mini-golfing or spending the day at Family Kingdom Amusement Park. If you’re on the hunt for a good playground, there are several in the area, but one that many of our guests enjoy is over at Broadway at the Beach.

Schedule Down Time

family with mom, dad and two kids playing Candyland board game on vacation in their vacation rental

The fourth tip for planning a kid-friendly vacation is to schedule some downtime on your vacation. No one wants to have grouchy kids just as your vacation has started or halfway through your trip. Plan to spend an hour or two inside your vacation rental while the kids either nap, watch a movie, or play board games. This can help with enjoying that family vacation you’ve been planning for months.

Plan Meals Out

The fifth and final tip to planning your kid-friendly vacation is to plan your meals out. This is a simple piece of the puzzle, as planning your meals at home can be tricky, but when you’re on vacation, this could be easy. Instead of eating out every day of the week, why not plan on a few days or meals to dine out and stay in the rest of the time? This can not only help you save money but also allow you to have more food to eat while sitting poolside or on the beach. Another thing we’d like to suggest is ordering your groceries in advance and either picking them up once you’re in town or having them delivered. That way, it saves you time in the long run without having to haul all the kids to the store.

You can plan a kid-friendly vacation in many other ways, but these are the tips we wanted to share with you. If you haven’t booked your next trip to Myrtle Beach and staying with us in a three-bedroom vacation rental, now is the time. We can’t wait to hear how these tips helped you plan your next best vacation!

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