A Patriotic Family Vacation to Myrtle Beach

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Are you planning on visiting Myrtle Beach next week for the 4th of July with your family? We understand it can be exciting and overwhelming, but Myrtle Beach offers the perfect blend of fun, relaxation, and patriotic festivities. Staying in a Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort vacation rental provides the ideal setting for your holiday. With all the stunning ocean views and family-friendly amenities, it’s the perfect prime location close to the action. Let’s see why this beautiful destination is ideal… Read More

Beat the Winter Blues with a Myrtle Beach Vacation

Parents With Children Having Fun On Winter Beach Together
As the winter chill sets in across the United States and the days grow shorter, the longing for warm sunshine and soft sand under your feet becomes more inviting. Myrtle Beach emerges as a beacon of warmth and relaxation for those yearning to swap those frosty mornings for gentle sea breezes. Staying with us at Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort lets you plan a cozy getaway for two or a fun-filled family adventure. Myrtle Beach offers the perfect backdrop to shed… Read More

Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort Has Received a Travelers’ Choice Award for 2023!

Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort Tripadvisor 2023 Travelers' Choice Award
Myrtle Beach has been a top destination for many families year after year for their vacations. Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort have been there to help each family make new memories as they explore the area along with our resort. We are thrilled and honored to have been nominated for the 2023 Travelers’ Choice Award with Tripadvisor! We are among the top 10% of hotels worldwide to receive this nomination and award. What Sets Us Apart from Others We know that… Read More

Our Top 5 Tips for Planning a Kid-Friendly Vacation

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You’ve recently decided to take your family vacation to Myrtle Beach, but you’re looking for easier ways to plan with kids. We understand that when you plan a vacation with kids, it may be complicated and overwhelming to plan a kid-friendly one. Staying in one of our three-bedroom vacation rentals will allow you and your family to enjoy the extra space. Look below at our top 5 tips for planning a kid-friendly vacation today. Choose Your Travel Dates One of… Read More

3 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Time to Visit Myrtle Beach

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Are you looking for an excellent reason to visit Myrtle Beach this spring? We are here to give you a few reasons why it’s the best time to vacation here on the Grand Strand. Staying with us at Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort will allow you and your family to enjoy your trip a little more this spring. Let’s look below at our three reasons spring is the best time to enjoy Myrtle Beach. Fewer Crowds One of the best times… Read More

Festive Things You Can Do While in Myrtle Beach During the Holidays

Are you and your family coming to Myrtle Beach for the holidays? There are plenty of holiday things that you and your family can take advantage of this year to help celebrate the holiday season. And if you happen to be staying in one of our 2-Bedroom Oceanfront Condos you will be close to many of the festive things to do. With all the fun festive things that are happening around Myrtle Beach this year, you and your family will… Read More

Enjoy 2 Events Happening on the Grand Strand this March

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Do you and your family have a vacation planned to stay with us this March but are unsure what’s going on? We wanted to share our three unique events in March that you won’t want to miss. Staying with us at Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort will keep your family close to the fun. Let’s look below at what two events we wanted to share with you on the Grand Strand. 33rd Annual Run to the Sun Car & Truck Show… Read More

Take a Last-Minute Trip to Myrtle Beach before School Begins

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It’s hard to believe that some school districts will be heading back to school in just a few short weeks. Before they head back and life gets super busy, why not take a last-minute trip to Myrtle Beach? Staying with us at Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort will allow your family to relax and have a good time at the beach. Let’s look below at how taking that last-minute trip to Myrtle Beach before school begins is just what you need.… Read More

November Events You Can’t Miss in Myrtle Beach

November Events You Can’t Miss in Myrtle Beach
Are you and your family headed to Myrtle Beach in November? If the answer is yes, then you are in for a treat. Coming down and take advantage of the wonderful cool weather and the fun things to do, is just what every family need. Staying with us at Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort will keep your family close to where the fun is at. Let’s take a peek at some of the fun events that you can attend on your… Read More

June Activities You Don’t Want to Miss

June Activities You Don’t Want to Miss
June is almost here and that only means that summer vacation will be too. Spending a week at the beach with us at Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort will keep you close to where all the fun activities are going to be at. From spending a few days at the beach or by the pool to spending a few nights out on the town, there is something for all ages in the family to do. Let’s take a look at what… Read More