New Attractions & Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

Don't Miss These New Attractions & Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is certainly full of fun things to do along with it’s beautiful coastline, but the Grand Strand is moving into the new decade with even more fun attractions, and great eats. Check out a few standouts we think might be fun excursions while hanging out oceanfront with us in 2020!


Don't Miss These New Attractions & Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

Does your family love the game of golf or playing mini golf while you are on vacation? If so, then why not check out one of Myrtle Beaches newest attractions, Topgolf. Topgolf is located over by Broadway at the Beach and opened in February 2019. This has become a hot spot for many who love the game of golf, but don’t want to play 18 holes at an actual golf course. Topgolf is just like bowling only instead of getting a “lane” you will receive a “bay” in which you and the family can hit some golf balls in this driving range. Some of the other features that you will experience is excellent dining options and you can even have parties or events there. Don’t miss this fun outing with the family on your next vacation to Myrtle Beach.

New Restaurants In Myrtle Beach

A couple of must try restaurants next time you’re in town has to be the New Wicked Tuna location just a short walk away at 2nd Avenue Pier. This is the pier seen above where you’ll see the sunrise behind on summer mornings. Wicked Tuna opened in July of last year and is a great oceanfront dining experience to enjoy while staying at the resort.

Duck Donuts has made their way to Myrtle Beach. Experience some tasty treats for the family while you are on your vacation! It’s a short drive south from Sandy Beach Resort, but would be a fun morning run to surprise the family while they enjoy an early morning swim.

 Trampoline Parks

Don't Miss These New Attractions & Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

This year there are two new trampoline parks that will be opening later this year in Myrtle Beach. If you have never taken your kids to one of these parks, we can tell you that on a rainy day, this is the perfect place to be. Flip N Fly will be located near Coastal Grand Mall and Big Air Myrtle Beach will be located near The Market Common. Some of the fun features that you will find while you are visiting Flip N Fly Myrtle Beach will be many trampolines, a sky rail coaster and even a ninja course so you can be a ninja yourself. Big Air Myrtle Beach will have trampolines, a basketball and dodgeball court and even a wipe out setup and more. They will also have an area for the toddlers and more. You can follow along on their Facebook Pages to learn more about when their grand openings will be.

There are many other new things that have opened or are opening soon in the Myrtle Beach area but we wanted to share these with you. If you haven’t booked your vacation to stay with us at Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort, now is the time. We can’t wait to see you and your family on your next adventure to the area and exploring these new things!

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